Vision Statement

  • To strive for a world that ensures equal rights and opportunities for eunuchs and other transgender people and truly respects them as human beings
  • SOOE hopes that a day will come when every eunuch or third gender or transsexuals or LGBT will get success at par with people like Laxmi Narayan Tripati, Shabnam Mausi, Kamala Bua and many others. And no one suffers like Neha, the protagonist of our documentary "...Aur Neha Nahi Bik Payee".
  • No eunuch lives a life of servitude or serfdom.
  • To help the eunuch community with legal and judicial process in India and fight for their rights, even up to the highest judiciary level, the honorable Supreme Court.


Mission Statement

  • Formed as a platform to understand and express the unique circumstances that govern the lives of eunuchs and other transgender people, the Salvation Of Oppressed Eunuchs (SOOE) will represent their concerns in the highest institutions of the country to guarantee equal rights and opportunities for them, as enshrined in the Constitution of India
  • If required, SOOE will secure justice for oppressed eunuchs and other transgender people by taking recourse to the law of the land and by filing required petitions for the benefit of the community
  • SOOE will also represent the cause of the community by filing RTI applications on behalf of the community, as and when required
  • SOOE will carry out all such activities with resources and funds voluntarily donated by like-minded donors and institutions and never demand anything from the intended beneficiaries of this initiative