Born to Justice Krishna Narayan, a retired judge from High Court Allahabad and late Shanta Saxena, Dr Piyush Saxena, aged 56 years, is a man of many talents - corporate professional, naturopath, wellness counsellor, activist, thinker, poet, painter and writer, film director and actor, magician and above all, a considerate person.

Dr Saxena with his parents

His wife Shubha is a teacher, son Prakhar has done software engineering from and works in USA, and daughter Priyanshi works for an art gallery in New Delhi.

He graduated with a BSc (Physics) and MA (Modern History) from Allahabad University. Later, he got a PhD in Naturopathy from USA. His professional life commenced with working for Bank of India from 1981 to 1995 in UP. Thereafter, he joined Reliance Industries Limited and currently, he works for them as a Senior Vice President (Corporate Affairs) at Nariman Point, Mumbai.

He is an ardent advocate of cleansing therapies that focuses on the curing of ailments by the removal of toxins from the body. Dr Saxena believes that pollution, cholesterol-inducing food, stress, worries and parasites cause most health problems which affect different organs of the body. He has researched and consolidated these remedies in his book “Cleansing Therapy – Cure Yourself” which involves curing the body through the process of cleansing various organs like kidney, liver, joints, thyroid, intestine, mouth, eyes, nose, pancreas, lungs, uterus, breast, fat, ovary, penis, vagina, skin etc. and also through virility, acidity and parasite cleanses.

His articles on health, wellness and social issues that affect the lives of people all over the world have featured in various well-known Indian publications. He has also appeared on numerous radio shows and TV programs.

Dr Saxena also possesses a Masters degree in Reiki. He has delved into past life regression (PLR) through hypnosis. He uses it to help people cure their chronic problems related with health, fears or relationships. He has done over 175 PLR sessions so far and all of his ‘patients’ have reported a considerable improvement in their conditions after the regression. He has developed a large list of inquisitive patients, who often consult him about their own problems and for the well-being of their family and friends.

Bollywood celebrities like Sambhavna Seth, Kunickaa Sadanand, Rajendra Gupta and others; comedian Raju Srivastav and several top bureaucrats and corporate professionals owe their health to this Cleansing Therapy. A few of them were so inspired by its effectiveness that they decided to make a talk show “Apna Ilaaj Apne Haath” based on his cleansing therapies, in the larger interest of the people of this country, without any monetary considerations.

Bollywood celebrities Kunickaa Sadanand, Ashutosh Rana, Rakesh Bedi, Sambhavna Seth, Rahul Roy, Raju Srivastav and Rajendra Gupta are all smiles at the launch of Dr Piyush Saxena's Talk Show Apna Ilaaj Apne Haath’ on YouTube.

Seeking blessings of the His Excellency Dr Abdul Kalam

Dr Saxena has delivered lectures on “Cleansing Therapy” at many locations in the country such as RBI central office, Mumbai (see above), and many more places.

NACEN, Vadodara

He is the chairperson of a Non-Government Organisation called ‘Salvation of Oppressed Eunuchs’, working for the cause of eunuchs and assisting them to integrate into mainstream society.

He has written a 540- page book “Life Of A Eunuch”. It is a well-researched effort studying various aspects of their secretive lives such as history, lifestyle, festival celebrations, living with guru, means of livelihood, prostitution, crime, trade of eunuchs, private gatherings, death rituals, gender identity etc. The book also explores subjects like ambiguous genitalia, sex change surgeries, urethra, castration etc. in text, sketch and photographic representations.

Responding to media after release of his film “… Aur Neha Nahin Bik Payee”
He has also made a docudrama “...Aur Neha Nahin Bik Payee” highlighting the tradition of bonded labour prevalent in the eunuch community.

Dr Piyush Saxena has also filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL No. – 01/12) in the High Court Bombay and his efforts have bestowed the following benefits to this outcaste community.

  • Issuance of voter cards to eunuchs in a lenient manner.
  • Notification regarding GRS/SRS in Govt. hospitals by Ministry of Health (MoH).
  • A notification from the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment (MoSJ/E) seeking complaints from chela eunuchs against their exploitation by Gurus, a first step in the direction towards abolition of century old tradition of bonded labour prevalent in the community.

Though an independent and progressive film director, he has performed in a variety of roles, in numerous TV serials, movies and dramas. He has performed in a Ramleela and has also recited poems in Kavi-Sammelan.

Acting in a movie with Aruna Irani and Manoj Tiwari
Performing as Parasuram in Ramleela in Mumbai
Reciting a poem in a Kavi Sammelan

He enjoys the company of children and performs magic shows for them at birthday parties and schools/colleges, and also for mature audiences, providing entertainment and relief from their monotonous routine.

Performing a magic show at Modern School, Lucknow
Entertaining as Santa Claus at a Christmas party for children

Dr Saxena does not charge any fee for any of his abovementioned activities. He does this purely for his own pleasure.

He is a good cook and specializes in North Indian delicacies. He is a teetotaller, non-vegetarian and fond of eating.

Dr Saxena is fond of travelling. He believes that travelling is a part of education. He visits faraway lands to understand the culture and lifestyle of diverse people. In his quest, he has travelled deep into the interior regions of India. He has made the arduous climb to the base of Mount Kailash. He has explored the virgin expanse of Antarctica, braved a night with wildlife in interior rural Africa, and has endured a chilly winter night to watch a theatre show in Lahore, Pakistan. He has travelled to all the continents including Antarctica and visited countries as diverse as USA, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Falkland Islands, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, South Africa, China, and Egypt etc.

Enjoying the serenity at Mount Kailash

Dancing with Japanese children to an Indian tune in Tokyo

In Pakistan at the Wagah border

Interacting with African Tribals

With cheetah in Botswana

A seal greets the author in Australia

En route to Antarctica

Freefall while skydiving in San Francisco USA

Intellectual pastimes like chess and bridge provide welcome relief from his daily routine. Vigorous activities like swimming, diving and squash are regularly practiced by him in order to keep mind and body fit to face all challenges. He was Runners up in the open category of Men’s Squash championship, Reliance Industries Limited in 2012.

Playing squash

During his University days, he was the winner in chess in 1977 and bridge in 1978 in Amaranatha Jha Hostel, Allahabad.

Not being content with merely experiencing various issues that face modern society and experimenting with solutions, Dr Saxena also records them for posterity. Most notable is his penning of path breaking bestseller books.

The first, ‘Everything Men Know About Women’ covers all facts of women that men know or can ever discover. It was reviewed by many leading national newspapers of the country.

His second book ‘Cure Yourself’ was greatly appreciated by readers for its novel yet holistic and simplified approach to the treatment of modern chronic ailments. A second edition of this book, “Cleansing Therapy - Cure Yourself”, will be released in June 2015 with 20 more new additional cleanses. It will be priced at a discounted rate of Rs. 100/- per copy.

Dr Saxena with His Excellency S C Jamir (Centre) Governor, Maharashtra, Actors Kunickaa Sadanand and Rajendra Gupta (Second from right) and Industrialist Mohd Zakaullah, during the release of his book ‘Cure Yourself.

‘Life of a Eunuch’ was his third book.

His fourth book, “Mysteries of Life”, will be released by December 2016.

“The Train in Real India” a painting by Dr Saxena

Dr Saxena empathises with the pain of the common man of India and strives to portray their life via his paintings showing the other side of “The Incredible India”.

All his articles and books are available on his website for free download.