...Aur Neha Nahin Bik Payee

The film is a flashback of true events in the life of Neha, a eunuch, who lives in Nalasopara. She was born as a boy named Satish to middle class parents. Due to Satish’s ambiguous gender, his parents, primarily his father, are the brunt of nasty jokes and comments. His father is unable to bear this insult to his manhood and blames his wife and Satish for the turn of events. Satish’s mother loves him dearly but is unable to help him and is driven to contemplate killing Satish to put him out of his misery.

As Satish grows up, he takes on female traits and behaviour, leading to his father driving him out of his home. Satish joins a band of eunuchs and follows them to their house. He is warmly welcomed by everyone and their leader, gurumai in particular, who has pretensions of being a father as well as a mother to Satish, who is now given the new identity of Neha. For a little while, life passes by easily and quickly for Neha as she is gradually initiated and absorbed into the eunuch community.

Trouble brews when Neha is unable to satisfy the exorbitant demands of gurumai and this leads to frequent abuse and physical as well as mental torture. In order to avoid this torture, Neha is driven into the flesh trade, losing any semblance of dignity and self respect. When even this does not prove enough to meet gurumai’s demands, Neha, along with her eunuch friend Jyoti, tries to join another band of eunuchs. When they visit the new band, they are treated like cattle and their value is assessed based on their physical attributes.

Unable to raise the required amount to escape from the clutches of gurumai, Neha and Jyoti resign themselves to their fate, unaware of the UN Charter of rights that provide freedom and dignity to every human.

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