Public Interest Litigation (PIL)

SOOE has fought for the rights of the Eunuch community so that they can live a decent and basic life. We have fought to change the attitude of the society at large that looked down upon these people as if they were criminals. They are often called by derogatory names like hijra, chhakka, ali, mamu, nau number, 6 number, gud etc although they are merely born with a genetic anomaly and have deformed genitals.

They dress as women, they live and function as women, most of them consider themselves women but are male in the eyes of the law. For most of us, they are neither male nor female but freaks of nature.

These poor beings lead a life mostly full of misery and penury, in stark contrast to the common perception of an easy and relatively well-off existence for these people. In addition, they are often abused and tormented by their own superiors, leading to a no win existence. As on 2011 in India almost 19,00,000 eunuchs live as outcastes

SOOE has fought and obtained several rights for the Eunuch community, often at great personal risk to life. Dr Piyush Saxena has been invited for meetings at all levels of the government from High Courts to Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment as well as various parliamentary sub-committees.