Life of a Eunuch

This book is the culmination of several years of research into the secret community of the Eunuchs in India. The author has personally visited the homes of several Eunuchs and has even lived with them for several days in order to study and understand all aspects of their life.

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Social Aspects

  1. Nomenclature
  2. Eunuchs in Mythology
  3. Euncuh's Dieties, Rituals and Festivals
  4. Eunuchs Abroad
  5. Eunuchs In India
  6. Eunuch's Statistics in India
  7. Distinguishing Characteristics
  8. Recognition by Government
  9. Means of Livelihood
  10. Eunuchs and Crime
  11. Portrayal of Eunuchs in Bollywood and Films
  12. Empowering Eunuchs
  13. Nirvana - Liberation
  14. Cremation and Burial
  15. Astrology - Birth chart of a Eunuch
  16. Eunuch's Life - Atonement for past life karma ?
  17. Advantages of a Eunuch's Life
  18. True Life Stories
  19. Trade of a Eunuch
  20. Aur Neha Nahi Bik Payee - Life of a Eunuch
  21. Salvation of Oppressed Eunuchs

Physiological Aspects

  1. Male - Female gender differences
  2. Disorders of Sexual Differentiation - Academic Curriculum
  3. Genitalia and Identity Crisis
  4. Intersex and Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
  5. Obtaining a Diagnosis
  6. Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  7. Gender Re-assignment surgery
  8. Gender Re-assignment Surgery - Male to Female
  9. Gender Re-assignment Surgery - Female to Male
  10. Complementary Surgeries for Gender Re-assignment
  11. Penectomy
  12. Female Genital Mutilation
  13. Castration - Male to Eunuch
  14. Arousal, Lovemaking and Orgasms
  15. Sexual Behavior of a Eunuch


  1. Legal Opinion
  2. Research and Presentation
  3. About the Author - Dr Piyush Saxena
  4. Mysteries of Life
  5. Related Works
  6. Glossary